BlueWillow AI Commercial Use, License, and Art Selling Guide | (Latest)

bluewillow ai commercial use
BlueWillow AI Commercial Use, License, and Art Selling Guide

The year 2023 is demonstrating the dominance of generative AI. With the achievements of tools such as ChatGPT and Bing AI, numerous platforms like Midjourney and Bluewillow have emerged, employing AI models to generate images from textual cues.

However, it is crucial to ascertain whether these AI image generators adhere to the same licensing policies as traditional image services and whether you can utilize these images for commercial purposes.

The subsequent guidelines will provide comprehensive answers to these inquiries and pertain specifically to the licensing terms of Bluevilo, enabling you to determine its suitability for your needs.

Table of Contents

  1. BlueWillow AI Commercial Use
  2. BlueWillow License: How does it work
  3. BlueWillow Art Selling
  4. Conclusion
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BlueWillow AI Commercial Use

Can you use BlueWillow images commercially?

BlueWillow provides you with the rights to your own creations, granting you the freedom to utilize them anywhere, including for business-related profits.

Blue Willow AI Commercial Use

Therefore, we have created an image for this particular post, and indeed, we (as well as others) can employ it as desired.

Prompt: a logo of a blue"L" on a wall, digital art
Prompt: a logo of a blue”L” on a wall, digital art

When utilizing the free version, the assets (or images created) will be published on BlueWillow’s public service and can be utilized by other BlueWillow users. This implies that any image you generate will be accessible to everyone. However, in a reciprocal manner, anything present on their public channels or servers will also be available for your usage.

Blue Willow AI Commercial Use

Based on BlueWillow’s terms of service, you have the freedom to use the property you create on their platform for any purpose, including commercial use.

BlueWillow License: How does it work

When using the free version, by creating images on BlueWillow’s platform, you grant them a license to redistribute, sublicense, publicly display, and create derivative works of art. For a comprehensive understanding of the rights granted to BlueWillow in the context of the free version, you can refer to their terms of service documentation available here.

It is important to note that this does not imply any restrictions on using the images commercially, as independently generated creations are inherently royalty-free.

As of now, BlueWillow has not introduced a paid version. However, based on their terms of service, it is clear that with the paid version, you retain ownership of the property you create, and there will be no rights or licenses granted to BlueWillow for the use of your creations.

BlueWillow ensures that any artwork you create will not be publicly shared by them and will only be accessed through private servers. However, if you choose to publicly share your artwork, for instance, in BlueWillow’s Discord chatroom, it will not be protected by BlueWillow.

BlueWillow License: How does it work

BlueWillow Art Selling

Do you have the authorization to sell artwork created by BlueWillow AI?

Are you allowed to sell AI-generated Art created by BlueWillow AI?

Certainly, you have the authorization to sell artwork created by BlueWillow AI, but it is important to consider certain legal aspects. The issue of copyright for AI-generated art remains uncertain as it is unclear who holds the rights to artwork created by AI. However, if the AI was trained on datasets for which you do not possess the rights, selling the resulting art may potentially violate someone else’s copyright.


In conclusion, both the free and paid versions of BlueWillow (once they become available) grant you the ability to use images for commercial purposes without any cost.

In summary, both the free and paid versions of BlueWillow allow you to utilize AI-generated images or artwork for commercial use. Independently created images become royalty-free and accessible to the public, while images created with a paid subscription remain your exclusive property.

We trust that this guide has provided clear insights into the licensing rules, art selling, and terms governing the commercial utilization of images created on the BlueWillow platform. Until we meet again!


  • What AI does BlueWillow use?

    BlueWillow uses Stable Diffusion and Dalle for generating AI images.

  • Is BlueWillow unlimited?

    Yes, it’s a free and unlimited tool for generating AI Art.

  • Is BlueWillow better than Midjourney?

    You may say that because it generates amazing art like Midourney and it is all for free. So, yeah, BlueWillow is better than Midjourney.

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