Access All OpenAI Custom GPTs For Free

custom gpt store for chatgpt by OpenAI
Access All OpenAI Custom GPTs For Free

OpenAI announced their new Custom GPT Store around November 6, 2023, and launched it for GPT-4 premium subscribers on January 10, 2024. Now, the Custom GPT Store is free for every ChatGPT user, allowing access to a vast range of custom GPT models.

Table of Contents
  1. What is OpenAI’s GPT Store?
  2. OpenAI’s GPT Store Categories:
    1. Writing:
    2. Productivity:
    3. Research & Analysis:
    4. Education:
    5. Lifestyle:
    6. Programming:
  3. Featured GPTs:
  4. How Can You Create Your Custom GPT Model?
  5. Earn From Your Custom GPT Model:
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

What is OpenAI’s GPT Store?

OpenAI has launched a GPT Store featuring many custom models similar to ChatGPT. Users can utilize these models for various tasks, from creating schedules and generating images to assisting with studies and graphic design, thereby increasing workplace productivity. These Custom GPT models can help you achieve anything you envision. You can find them at the GPT Store.

OpenAI’s GPT Store Categories:

GPT store offers a wide range of models that many people have created, which come under different categories, like ACModels, Productivity Models, Research Models, Image Generation, Education, programming, etc. Let’s explore some models from each category.


In this category of GPTs, you can find tools that will help you improve your editing, creation, and style refinement skills.

Write For Me:

custom gpt for writing

This tool helps create and generate articles on various topics, producing engaging content that focuses on quality and relevance to the audience. It can also create articles based on word count, catering to both short and long readers. If you are a writer, this tool can help you improve your writing.

Reviews of Write For Me:

Here’s an idea of what kind of content this tool can generate or what this writing category tool offers you:


In the below example, we tried to write a 1000-word analysis of the future of GPT, and it provides us with a very detailed analysis of GPT’s future in every possible field.


As the name suggests, this category provides a range of productivity GPT models that help us in our day-to-day work.

Excel GPT:

custom gpt for productivity and excel work
custom gpt for data analysis

The creator of this tool claims that Excel GPT is the world’s most powerful data analysis assistant. Excel GPT assists with tasks related to Excel, helping us manipulate data, organize information, and visualize findings. It’s a specialized assistant for Excel tasks, providing guidance, executing tasks, and generating actionable outputs to enhance productivity.

Reviews of Excel GPT:


Excel GPT comes with various modes for doing different tasks on data. For example, if we have to analyze data, we should consider using the data analysis mode, as it is programmed for data analysis. and the same for others based on need; we could use different modes.


We tried this custom GPT model, and it worked fine for various data tasks, but when we asked this model to find total sales from Canada from an Excel sheet,t it said, I can’t do more advanced data analysis right now.

Research & Analysis:

This Category GPT models are developed to help you find specific data from vast sources, evaluate the information critically for accuracy, interpret complex data for insightful conclusions, and visualize it through clear, graphical representations, making your findings easily comprehensible and visually appealing.


custom gpt for research and analysis

Consensus is a GPT developed for doing tasks related to scientific research, writing articles, or learning about the research in simple terms and to help write articles backed by academic papers. If you are a science student or a person who is interested in scientific research then this tool can help you stay updated and gain knowledge on this kind of topic this GPT is developed by

Reviews of Consensus:

Conversation Starters:


In real use, this tool generates some good responses for example :

we asked in our prompt about the benefits of fish oil capsules and in exchange consensus provided us a very detailed breakdown of how beneficial fish oil capsules are for our cardiovascular system and overall health by showing us the studies done by many different institutes so that we could gain some extra knowledge on the specific topic.


In the GPT store’s Education category, we find tools related to general knowledge questions study related questions doubtful questions and to gain knowledge on any topic and ask any type of questions to this category tools and they provide us with very detailed examples in very simple language on each topic so that we could easily understand the thing.

Universal Primer:

custom gpt for education and every kind of work

Universal Prompter is the best Custom GPT of this category according to me because this tool provides us a very detailed and easy-to-understand description of the question we asked to it. This tool is useful for everyone who is looking to gain knowledge or just interested in knowing about any type of topic. These kinds of persons can use this tool to explore the vast world of knowledge.

Reviews of Universal Primer:

Conversation Starters:


Regarding this universal prompter example, we requested an explanation of Murphy’s Law, and this GPT provided a comprehensive breakdown. It begins by introducing Murphy’s Law, followed by an illustrative example involving baking a cake, as depicted in the provided image. The explanation delves into why this law occurs and its underlying concepts. Additionally, the universal prompter demonstrates the practical applications of Murphy’s Law and offers a mathematical example. Finally, it discusses the prerequisites for understanding the law. We are highly satisfied with the response and wholeheartedly recommend this tool to anyone seeking to explore new concepts.


Lifestyle category custom GPTs are used to get tips and general knowledge about traveling and more topics like workouts, style, food, and more. These GPTs help us to improve our daily workout, and help us to eat good food by offering us valuable information about the food. You asked how can they help us with all of that. So here is the answer, we can ask these GPTs about the food we want to eat or we can ask them about what foods are good for our health for our workouts we can ask these custom GPTs to help us improve our workouts by providing them the details of our workout and can ask them to improve it for faster growth.

PhD Coach:

custom gpt for lifestyle

PhD coach is best for getting diet information or advanced nutrition details so that we can gain fast in a proven way by scientists and it also helps us to hit an effective workout. If you are a bodybuilder or a regular guy who just needs to be healthy this tool can help us improve our overall health.

Reviews of PhD Coach:

Conversation Starters:



We asked this custom GPT about the best workout for the triceps with the number of reps for each exercise this tool talks about and the diet for fast muscle build and this GPT provides us with the whole workout with the best exercises possible for the triceps and the number of reps with the rest after each set.


PhD Coach also gave us the best diet for fast gains, the diet offered by this custom GPT is this:

Diet for Faster Muscle Building: it provides us with a vast list of sources for protein, carbs, fats, hydration, and Supplements.

PhD Coach also offered us the daily meal plan so that we can take our daily hit of the carbs protein and fats.


The programming Category caters to a list of custom GPTs for writing code debugging code testing the code these GPTs also help to learn coding and this category can be the best for beginners who are learning to code and making their projects. These Custom GPTs can also help in solving advanced coding problems. So if you are a programmer and not using this category of tools or are unaware of these CUstom GPTs then don’t wait anymore and go start using these tools to improve your coding journey.


custom gpt for coding and programming

Grimoire best coding custom GPT for making projects and learning to code, this Coding GPT comes with 75 starter projects so that beginners can learn from it and see how the project code is actually written. this tool provides instant Deployment on Netlify and Replit so that others can also can interact with your projects.

Reviews of Grimoire:

Grimoire Conversation Staters:


We asked Grimoire to make a website that is showing rain drops dropping so this tool first gave us the plan on how to make the website then it gave us the code for making the website and we used the code and ran it and the code was exactly the same that we asked for. In the end, Grimoire gave us the code for deploying the site on Netlify.

This section shows the highlighted Custom GPT Models that were impactful in the day-to-day work of the users This list is updated every week. Down Below, we provided a list of this week’s featured GPTs

  • Quickly create social posts, videos, flyers, and more with Adobe Express.
  • Your AI tutor by Khan Academy! Khanmigo Lite: Tutor Me.
  • Explains and illustrates concepts using flowcharts, mind maps, and sequence diagrams –Whimsical Diagram.
  • Code Smarter, Build Faster—With the Expertise of a 10x Programmer by Your Side – Code Piolet.

How Can You Create Your Custom GPT Model?

Before Building Your custom GPT model we suggest that you first read the GPT Usage Policy and GPT Guidelines so that you don’t have any problems shortly with your custom GPT model. Now let’s see how to create your custom GPT in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Click on Builder Profile.

Step 3: Verify your identity by Enabling Your Name or Verified Website.

After all of those steps now you can create your Custom GPT model.

Earn From Your Custom GPT Model:

Custom GPT builders can earn money from their models as OpenAI shares revenue with them based on the usage of their GPTs. Therefore, the more a builder’s GPT is used, the more revenue the builder generates from their model.


At the end of this conversation, we can conclude that the Custom GPT Store provided by OpenAI is poised to become the best productivity tool for our daily tasks. It offers a wide range of Custom GPTs designed for various tasks, including learning, research, education, and coding. With these GPTs, we can accomplish everything and stay productive. If you enjoyed this article, please visit our site for more articles like this one. Thank you for reading.


Can you use Custom GPT for free?

For this question the answer is a yes, you can use custom GPTs from Chatgpt custom GPT store for free of cost.

Is the Custom GPT store free?

Yes, Custom GPT store is free to use

Can free ChatGPT users access the GPTs Store?

Yes, free ChatGPT users can also access and use Custom GPT stores, and these store tools too. They are 100% free to use but with a limit.

How to create a Custom GPT in Chatgpt?

Steps to create a custom GPT: SettingsBuilder profileEnable your name or a verified website)

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