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Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Are you searching for the ideal prompts for Leonardo AI? Look no further than our thoughtfully curated selection of 3D realistic best Leonardo AI prompts and text-to-image prompts. Our top-of-the-line prompts are specifically designed to unleash the full potential of Leonardo AI, enabling you to create breathtaking, realistic visuals that will captivate your audience. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced pro or a beginner, our collection of the finest Leonardo AI prompts will help you elevate your creations to the next level. So why wait any longer? Begin exploring our collection today and start producing images that are as lifelike and vivid as your imagination.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Leonardo AI?
  2. Inflatables Shape
  3. Beautiful Influencer
  4. Mythical Creature
  5. King of Hell
  6. Rococo-inspired Portrait
  7. Thunder Dragon
  8. Hell Creature
  9. Predicting the Future
  10. Demon in Fire
  11. Enchantress
  12. Anime Mix Photorealism
  13. Humanoid
  14. Cyborg in Gown
  15. Enchanting Android
  16. Motoko Kusanagi
  17. Cyborg Assassin
  18. Lady in Ice Princess Dress
  19. Silver Haired Goddess
  20. Realistic Photograph
  21. Goddess with Fiery Red Hair
  22. Glorious Queen Ariana
  23. Morning-lit Scene
  24. Lady Portrait
  25. Cinematic Shot
  26. Italian-Asian Mixed
  27. Futuristic Astronaut
  28. Supernatural Being
  29. Christiana with Golden Wings
  30. Elena Rodriguez
  31. Fierce Wolf Girl
  32. Additional Keywords for Enhanced Leonardo AI Prompts
  33. 10 Best Leonardo AI Prompts Examples and Guide
  34. Watch This for Leonardo AI PhotoReal Prompts
  35. Conclusion
  36. FAQ’s
  37. More Related Articles

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is an AI art generator and design software. It empowers us to create intricate AI-generated art, far beyond basic designs. Leonardo.ai offers a diverse array of AI art models, each presenting distinctive styles. Through these exceptional models, we can bring our dream art to life, exploring the boundless realms of creativity.

Each art model present in Leonardo.ai is primed for the creation of one-of-a-kind AI images, each possessing its own unique style. Once you choose a model, Leonardo.ai endows you with the ability to curate art that mirrors the chosen model’s particular aesthetic. Additionally, Leonardo.ai prides itself on its flexibility, catering to your wish to dabble in different styles with utmost ease. Alongside this, it supports the creation of realistic 3D images, using expertly curated prompts that span various styles and themes ranging from portraits to mythical beings, and even futuristic scenarios. By tweaking these prompts using specific keywords, chosen artistic styles, preferred lighting, and other similar parameters, you can fine-tune your vision to match your creative imagination. This multifaceted functionality of Leonardo.ai empowers you to test multiple models against a single image helping you strike the perfect chord with your creative ideation.

Inflatables Shape

inflatables shape, golden, jewelry, beauty, cybernetic, masterpiece, intricate, biopunk, highly detailed, art station, concept art flowers in the background, high angel pov 120mm, macro shot, depth of field, soft front light, glow, HDR, (muted colors:1.2), Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM, bokeh, photo, 8k, dark, dynamic action, pale washed out style, shot on cyanotype, , cracked lens, dreamy nostalgic, soft focus, dark green vignetting, light leaks, medium photography, gloomy artistic painterly ethereal,

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Beautiful Influencer

A beautiful influencer in a flowing dress climbs the stairs in Santorini. Detailed face. Gorgeous model. Beautiful old buildings and sea in the background. Detailed. High definition. Art form: Photography. Matching inspiration: Ansel Adams. Scene: Soft sunlight caresses the ancient cobblestone stairs as the stunning influencer gracefully ascends, her flowing dress billowing in the gentle breeze. A picturesque view of the deep blue sea and charming old buildings forms the backdrop. Lens size: 35mm. Color temperature: Warm. Expressions: A radiant smile that captures the essence of joy and wanderlust. Lighting: Golden hour glow. Atmosphere: Serene and ethereal.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Mythical Creature

A fantastical full-body portrait of a mythical creature, half-human and half-beast, standing tall in a mythical forest. The art form is digital illustration, taking inspiration from the works of Brian Froud. The scene is filled with magical elements, like floating orbs and glowing flora. The color temperature is a mix of warm and cool hues, enhancing the sense of wonder. The facial expression reflects the creature’s mystical nature, with a hint of mystery. The lighting creates a magical ambiance, casting intricate patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor. The atmosphere is enchanting and filled with ancient secrets.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

King of Hell

king of hell lucifer, dark synth, tenebrism, devilish, hell, dark sky, gloomy, exotic black and red alter dress, blood color eyes, detailed face, goth, full body, dark fantasy, bloody, captured with a professional DSLR camera, trending on Artstation, 64k, ultra-detailed, ultra-accurate detailed, bokeh lighting, surrealism, ultra unreal engine, intricate, epic, freckles, peach fuzz, colorful, parallax, sharp focus, volumetric lighting.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Rococo-inspired Portrait

Enter a fantastical realm with a hyper-realistic Rococo-inspired portrait. Featuring a Vietnamese character with striking red indigo hair, this artwork blends fantasy and reality. Created in the unreal engine, the piece dazzles with vibrant colors and intricate details. With a 16k resolution, it embodies the depth of an oil painting, with heavy strokes and paint dripping. Neon ambiance and watercolor-style filigree add surrealism, while rim lighting accentuates the magic. With sharp features and supple contours, this masterpiece captures the allure of the female form. Dynamic studio lighting brings the artwork to life, making it a hyper-detailed marvel. Inspired by artists like Wlop, Glenn Brown, Carne Griffiths, Alex Ross, Artgerm, and James Jean, this piece is a true showcase of talent and creativity.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Thunder Dragon

Immerse yourself in the surreal world of a thunder dragon emerging from the depths of reflective waters. This epic cinematic photograph showcases intricate details and complex lighting, creating a mesmerizing and impressive scene. With supermax realism and a high level of contrast, the image brings the dragon to life with stunning realism. Get ready to be amazed by the exquisite detail and ultra-detailed photography that earned this image its well-deserved award.

Hell Creature

Type of Character: The Hell Demon

Imagine a creature of the underworld, a hell demon imbued with the vivid and volatile allure of fire particles. This widespread apparition is not only terrifying but also entrancing, its gleaming form captured through a high-quality DSLR camera.

Art Direction: Dark Synth and Tenebrism

The piece leans heavily on dark synth influences, a style currently trending on Artstation. The technique known as Tenebrism is used, bathing the image in dramatic contrasts of darkness and light, further intensifying the experience of the viewer.

Technical Enhancements

In this artwork, we immerse the viewer in a 64k, ultra-detailed and ultra-accurate world where every minute detail, from a demon’s freckles to the delicate peach fuzz on its skin, is in clear view. It’s a presentation made possible by the cutting-edge capabilities of the Ultra Unreal Engine.

The intricate, epic nature of this artwork is accentuated by the bokeh lighting effect and surrealism used, creating a colorful and captivating visual feast. Special techniques like parallax, sharp focus, and volumetric lighting enhance depth and add a sense of realism to this otherworldly image.

Predicting the Future

This article serves as a guide to using art prompts effectively. Below are several ideas to spark your artistic imagination:
1. ‘Woman and Color’: Start with a female figure and infuse the piece with a vibrant color palette.
2. ‘Energetic Wallpaper’: Generate a design for a dynamic, lively wallpaper.
3. ‘Arcane and Terror’: Draw upon themes of the unknown and arcane to create a sense of unease and terror.
4. ‘Magic Within Reach’: Imagine a universe where magic is within arm’s reach. Can you visualize magic enveloping a rod or a book with flying pages?
5. ‘Time Knowledge’: Explore the concept of knowing the past and predicting the future, symbolizing infinite wisdom.
6. ‘Blue Flame Warlock’: Create a mystical scene with a warlock holding a blue flame in a magical circle.
7. ‘Pentagram Ritual’: Capture the essence of a mystical ritual with Pentagrams, incantations, and mantras. Imagine someone creating magic through song.

Each prompt comes with a rating score on three aspects: Photorealism (1.3), Detail (1.2), and Quality (1.5). The higher the score, the more you are urged to focus on that aspect. For example, an image generated from the ‘Blue Flame Warlock’ prompt should heavily embody photorealism due to its high score of 1.3. The quality of the image should be top-notch as indicated by the high score of 1.5. On the other hand, ‘Energetic Wallpaper’ prompt requires a significant emphasis on the detail in the design, as suggested by its detail score of 1.2.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Demon in Fire

A hell demon with fire particles, dark synth, tenebrism, captured with a professional DSLR camera, trending on Artstation, 64k, ultra-detailed, ultra-accurate detailed, bokeh lighting, surrealism, ultra unreal engine, intricate, epic, freckles, peach fuzz, colorful, parallax, sharp focus, volumetric lighting

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,


Immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of a hyper-realistic portrait featuring a mesmerizing enchantress. With meticulous attention to detail, this ultra-detailed photograph captures her stunning beauty, enhanced by radiant golden jewelry that shimmers in the light. The surreal background, crafted by talented artists like Pascal Quidault and Anna Helme, adds a touch of mystique. From her captivating gaze to the delicate freckles and meticulously applied mascara.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Anime Mix Photorealism

In a mesmerizing blend of photorealism and anime aesthetics, a starlit scene captures the beauty of a stunning woman with flowing light hair. The artwork, created by acclaimed artists like Greg Rutkowski and Artgerm, showcases intricate details and luminous bar lighting. In another realm, a steampunk fusion pojatti captivates with its realistic features and bioluminescent accents. Meanwhile, an Italian goddess dons a tiara adorned with white flowers, her wet bone structure radiating elegance. From hyperdetailed 3D renders to hand-drawn sketches reminiscent of Mucha and Klimt, these captivating artworks are a testament to the skill and creativity of their creators.


A close-up portrait of a captivating humanoid with piercing eyes, holding a delicate rose, surrounded by a cascade of beautiful particles, accentuated by cinematic morning lighting.”

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Cyborg in Gown

A mesmerizing cyborg adorned in a flowing gown, holding a delicate lotus flower, bathed in ethereal moonlight, surrounded by shimmering stardust.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Enchanting Android

A cinematic 3D artwork featuring an enchanting android with metallic wings, gracefully holding a glowing orb amidst a surreal celestial landscape.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Motoko Kusanagi

Close up, Generate a portrait of a futuristic cyborg inspired by the character of Major Motoko Kusanagi from the anime series Ghost in the Shell. The portrait should be in a hyper-realistic style, with intricate details and a 3D render, highlighting the cyborg’s strength and enhanced abilities

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Cyborg Assassin

Create a hyper-detailed portrait of a cyborg assassin, with a metallic exoskeleton and glowing red eyes, inspired by movies like Terminator and Robocop, The portrait should emphasize the cyborg’s strength and deadly abilities.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Lady in Ice Princess Dress

Portrait of beautiful lady, wearing ice princess dress realistic, stunning realistic photograph, full lips, 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic, trending on artstation | Isometric | Centered hyper realistic cover photo awesome full color, hand drawn, dark, gritty, realistic mucha, klimt, erte .12k, intricate. high definition , cinematic, Rough sketch, mix of bold dark lines and loose lines, bold lines, on paper ,

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Silver Haired Goddess

Portrait of a fiery silver haired goddess named Aphrodite with a flower crown, freckles, showcasing the Silverhead’s unique beauty, (black eyes), (head frame), center image, style, bioluminescent, 8 life size, 8k Resolution, human hands, curiously complete, elegant, close to perfection, dynamic, highly detailed, character sheet, concept art, smooth, positioned so that their bodies are symmetrical and balanced directly towards the viewer, amazing Incredibly beautiful 20-something girl, detailed hairstyles,

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Realistic Photograph

beautiful girl, realistic, stunning realistic photograph, full lips, 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic, trending on artstation | Isometric | Centered hyperelliptic cover photo awesome full color, high definition , cinematic, Rough sketch, mix of bold dark lines and loose lines, bold lines, glowing, lighting , focused, highly detailed hairs

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Goddess with Fiery Red Hair

Portrait of a goddess with fiery red hair and piercing green eyes. She should be wearing a golden crown and a long flowing robe that billows behind her. Her skin should have a golden glow and her expression should be both powerful and regal” stunning realistic photograph, full lips, 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic, trending on artstation | Isometric | Centered hyper realistic cover photo awesome full color, hand drawn, dark, gritty, realistic , intricate. high definition , cinematic, Rough sketch, mix of bold dark lines and loose lines, bold lines, on paper , full body, humanoid, full body

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Glorious Queen Ariana

Produce a portrait of a beautiful and glorious queen named Ariana inspired from Game of Thrones. 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic, trending on art station, isometric , centered hyper realistic cover photo awesome full color, hand drawn, dark, gritty, realistic , intricate. high definition , Rough sketch, mix of bold dark lines and loose lines, full body,

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Morning-lit Scene

A morning-lit scene showcasing a beautiful cyborg, white skin, her metallic skin reflecting the golden rays, as she gracefully holds a butterfly in her outstretched hand.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Lady Portrait

Generate a beautiful lady portrait with long curly hair and a soft, gentle expression on her face. She should be wearing a flowing dress with intricate patterns and delicate lace details. The portrait should have a photorealistic quality to it. The image should be centered on the lady’s face, highlighting her stunning features and capturing her essence as a graceful and elegant woman

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Cinematic Shot

An ultra-detailed beautiful girl , cinematic , cinematic light , realistic , 3d render , highly detailed , highly detailed face , realistic looks

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Italian-Asian Mixed

Explore the magic of Leonardo AI in generating eclectic art pieces, like this mesmerizing portrait of a multi-racial woman decked in a refined red dress. This artificially generated image mimics actual photographic realism, flaunting the versatility of Leonardo AI. The detailed 3D rendering, further amplified by the Octane engine, metamorphoses this digital masterpiece to life.

Sweeping the Artstation, this centered, hyper-realistic artwork conquests with its vivid, AI-drawn style, stirring memories of art maestros like Mucha, Klimt, and Erte. The high-definition, 12k resolution, artistically intertwines the rustic allure of pencil sketches with bold line work and free hand strokes, unraveling the alluring beauty of our life-like humanoid subject. Here’s how you could create one:

  • Focus on the keywords: multi-racial woman, elegant red dress, hand-drawn style.
  • Channel inspiration from celebrated artists for intricate stylistic elements.
  • Highlight specific features, like full lips and high definition details.

Moreover, test your creative boundaries by suggesting other genres and art styles that you wish Leonardo AI to recreate. In reference to the artists mentioned, learn what made their art unique and see how well AI can incorporate these elements. Remember, engagement is key; the more interactive your commands, the more captivating the artsy process becomes with Leonardo AI.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Futuristic Astronaut

Design a portrait of a futuristic astronaut, with a sleek and advanced spacesuit and equipment, inspired by movies like Gravity and Interstellar, The portrait should highlight the astronaut’s courage, curiosity, and sense of adventure, 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic,

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Supernatural Being

Render an ultra HD portrait of a supernatural being with shimmering skin and bright glowing eyes, utilizing a color palette of metallic golds, silvers, and bronzes to create an ethereal and otherworldly vibe, hyper detailed, highly detailed, hyper realistic

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Christiana with Golden Wings

Close up, Hyper Realistic, Create a realistic goddess named Christiana with golden wings, long flowing hair, and a regal presence. She should be wearing a flowing white gown with intricate golden details and be surrounded by a soft glow. The 3D render should be created with the RPG 4.0 model and have a hyper-realistic quality to it. The image should be centered on the goddess’s face and capture her divine beauty and grace

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Elena Rodriguez

“Elena Rodriguez, a photorealistic beautiful woman with blonde hair, full body, cover, hyperdetailed painting, luminism, Bar lighting, complex, 4K resolution concept art portrait by Greg Rutkowski, Art germ, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha, little fusion pojatti realistic steampunk, fractal isometrics details bioluminescence: a stunning realistic photograph at 25 years old, with a flower crown and delicate features, 3D render, octane render, intricately detailed, titanium decorative necklace, cinematic, trending on Artstation | Isometric | Centered hyper realistic cover photo in pastel colors, hand-drawn, dark, gritty, realistic Mucha, Klimt, Erte. 12K, intricate, high-definition, cinematic.”

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Fierce Wolf Girl

Presenting an enchantingly detailed depiction of a young girl, under an atmospherically dramatic, cinematic lighting. This rendering, created using Leonardo AI, showcases the tool’s ability to generate intricate realistic portrayals with palpable lifelike characteristics. The prolific detailing is notable, especially in the girl’s facial features and her intricately detailed strands of hair. The charm and realism of these digital illustrations are a testament to the extraordinary potential of Leonardo AI’s capabilities. Here’s how you too can create such vivid and detailed art using Leonardo AI: include comprehensive and diverse prompts in your request for the AI to interpret. This isn’t limited to just this one detailed piece, the AI tool provides endless possibilities for you to explore, create and reimagine.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts, 3d Realistic Prompts , Text-to-Image Prompts for Leonardo AI,

Additional Keywords for Enhanced Leonardo AI Prompts

Previously, one had to engage the talents of graphic designers or photographers to obtain desired images. Today, Leonardo AI effortlessly fills this role, eliminating the need to hire such professionals. This advanced artificial intelligence art generator not only offers customization and flexibility in generating images but also bestows complete ownership of these creations – an invaluable feature for commercial use.

In the contemporary world, a spark of creativity can breathe life into any image you conceive. With exceptional AI tools at disposal, like Leonardo AI, image creation has become profoundly straightforward and easy. Leonardo AI is versatile and capable of generating an array of realistic 3D images, spanning styles and subjects, from futuristic landscapes to mythical beings. It’s not about just creating an image; with Leonardo AI, the quality stands out! By tweaking aspects such as style, lighting, and resolution, one can produce superior quality images. Leonardo AI stands out in the crowd due to its ability to accurately interpret and manifest even the most intricate, creative prompts. One more feather in Leonardo AI’s cap? You hold full ownership rights to the images generated for commercial usage. A valuable benefit indeed! This article also offers a wealth of information, including a series of top prompts and comprehensive guidelines for applying constraints and experimenting with prompts. This ensures that you can take full advantage of Leonardo AI’s potential and extract maximum image quality.

For optimal image outcomes, understanding key terminology is crucial. The appropriate use of these keywords significantly amplifies the fidelity and precision of your produced visuals. When we speak of tailoring these keywords, it’s not just about personal preferences. It also involves reflecting the style, light settings, resolution, subjects, and other particulars of your desired output. Let’s explore how various keywords can modify artistic styling or heighten the portrayal of depth, color, and texture in image rendering. Have you ever wondered how certain keyword sets can recreate iconic styles from art history or foresee the aesthetics of otherworldly landscapes and futuristic cities? We will dive into this, giving you distinct, practical examples to guide you through. By the end of it all, not only will you be better equipped to fine-tune keywords for your specific needs, but also understand why and how you’re doing it. This enhanced guidance should empower you to better leverage the potent capabilities of Leonardo AI.

The importance and implications of keywords cannot be understated. These keywords have a far-reaching impact in generating breathtaking AI-produced visuals, enhancing their realism and quality. By dictating the styling cues, lighting effects and even contributing to the overall aesthetics, they are a crucial part of the creative process. These keywords, which are about to be listed, influence the creation of an array of themes, from portraits and landscapes to mythical entities and slices of the future. So, let’s explore these keywords:

The keywords include:

  • Portrait
  • High definition
  • Cinematic
  • 4k resolution
  • Isometric
  • Phantasmal iridescent
  • Surrealism
  • Full face visible
  • Realistic photograph
  • Octane render
  • Ominous
  • Vibrant
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Prominent artist names (Da Vinci, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol)
  • 8k resolution
  • 3D render
  • Volumetric light
  • Rich and vibrant colors
  • Retro style
  • Soft focus
  • Unique features
  • Expressive emotions
  • Dynamic pose
  • Black and white
  • Textured surfaces
  • High contrast
  • Monochromatic
  • Rim lighting
  • Close-up shots
  • Fantasy-inspired
  • Futuristic
  • Glamorous
  • Natural ambiance
  • Urban setting
  • Rural landscapes
  • Environmental context
  • Ethnic and cultural identity
  • Age diversity
  • Gender representation
  • Intense eye contact
  • Shallow depth of field
  • Full depth of field
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Lens specifications
  • Camera model
  • Distinctive hairstyles
  • Photorealistic concept artistry
  • Vivid and striking colors
  • Hyperrealistic rendering
  • Acrylic watercolor artistic style

10 Best Leonardo AI Prompts Examples and Guide

1. Crafting Authentic Natural Landscapes

To truly capture the spirit of a ‘Realistic Natural Landscape’, consider incorporating key focus areas such as choice keywords, artistic styles, lighting, and other significant elements. For example, you could optimize your work using modifiers like ‘sunset’, ‘forest’, and ‘autumn’. Enhance your generated landscape images by experimenting with different techniques or emulating the styles of renowned artists.

In creating effective prompts for Leonardo AI, a section on technique is a must. Here are some tips on how to create vivid, engaging, and realistic landscapes: be creative and detailed, take your time, and be patient while Leonardo AI brings your vision to life.

With Leonardo AI at the helm, crafting your dream 3D environment has never been easier. Paint your own canvas with mesmerizing natural elements like mountains, forests, and sparkling waterfalls. Dive into the realm of creativity, tweaking the terrain and flora to translate your visions into an ethereal landscape. From playing with lighting to experimenting with artistic styles, every detail counts – pushing the limits of your imagination will make your 3D masterpiece stand out. No two landscapes have to look the same, just like the diversity of ‘futuristic cityscapes’ or ‘underwater environments’ created by others. In your journey to create these striking visuals, patience is key, mirroring the careful perfection of nature itself. Ponder upon successful prompts, and let them guide you. And when your landscape comes to life, its commercial potentials are profound – you can sell or use these spaces in ways you can’t imagine. Blend in Leonardo AI’s advanced techniques to enhance the realism and let your natural landscape echo a slice of paradise. Remember, this journey is as much about the destination as it is about the artistic crafting that gets you there.

2. Delving into the ‘Futuristic Cityscape’

Imagine a ‘Futuristic Cityscape’ as envisioned by Leonardo AI, where it paints a digital canvas of an expansive cityscape bathed in neon lights, soaring buildings with revolutionary architecture, and skyways adorned with flying vehicles leaving behind beams of light. Let’s not forget the city dwellers, decked out in advanced outfits and high-tech accessories, all set against an awe-inspiring setting of night skies filled with stars or avant-garde structures.

For a distinctive flair, consider adjusting the ambiance with cooler tints of blues or purples, or perhaps a sharp, lifelike art style similar to hyperrealism. Such enhancements help to customize this AI-powered imagery, enabling users to understand the extent and potential of adaptive creativity.

This innovative application guides users to perfect and enhance a 3D mock-up of a futuristic spacecraft, brimming with elaborate features and cutting-edge technologies. Users have the freedom to mold the design to align with their choice of science fiction themes, such as Cyberpunk or Retro-Futurism. Consider incorporating the details of a steam-powered interstellar cruiser equipped with solar sails or a sleek, cyberpunk space-fighter built with vibrant neon light accents. For added inspiration, exploring works of noted artists or leveraging different art techniques can prove beneficial. Remember, successful prompts for Leonardo AI emphasize clarity, descriptiveness, set boundaries, and nurture experimentation.

3. Mastering Prompts for “Historic Architecture”

Explore the majestic realm of historic architecture with Leonardo AI by crafting compelling prompts. Start off with a clear and descriptive visual cue such as ‘Renaissance-style cathedral at sunset.’ Explaining how certain words like ‘Renaissance-style,’ ‘cathedral,’ and ‘sunset’ contribute to the comprehensive depth of the generated 3D image is key.

Ensure to discuss the intricate details that AI could potentially incorporate, like textures, lighting, and specific architectural details. Try referencing renowned historic architectures and delve into the artistic methods applied in their creation for an insightful understanding.

Encourage experimentation with the choice of architectural style or time of day to explore how each element influences the final result. Keep the guide concise yet detailed, to enable users to tap into Leonardo AI’s versatility in producing awe-inspiring 3D images.

The goal is to empower users to maximize the potential of Leonardo AI by creating innovative prompts. Through this, they can experience the uniqueness and realism Leonardo AI brings to their envisioned historic structures.

Imagine transforming iconic structures such as The Colosseum or The Great Pyramids into a photorealistic 3D model. This AI-enriched prompt allows exactly that. Dictate the intricacies with an adjustable detail level — a high resolution brings out an unparalleled realism, whereas a lower one gives an impressionistic vibe. You’re not just confined to the structure’s details but can also experiment with various materials for a unique aesthetic blend. For instance, select marble to offer a classical touch or rusted iron for an antique finish. Remember, nuanced prompts like ‘Gothic architecture’ or ‘Egyptian artistry’ invoke intriguing outputs. Generating these 3D models isn’t just an artistic adventure but serves educational purposes and creates immersive digital media spaces, redefining the possibilities of learning and experiencing history.

4. Detailed Guidance to Create Realistic Animals Via Leonardo AI

Explore the dynamic world of 3D animal modeling with Leonardo AI. Unleash your creativity by constructing realistic models of untamed beasts like lions or gentle giants such as elephants. Leonardo AI equips you with a unique prompt that generates these 3D models incorporating meticulous details that breathe life into them. You can customize each model to match the underlying intricacies of these animals, right from the distinctive manes of the lions to the textured skin of elephants. But let’s leap beyond the imaginable! Consider crafting a lion prompt highlighting its powerful anatomy or an elephant’s model showcasing its imposing size. That’s not just it! This immersive tool goes a step forward by allowing you to enrich the realism of these models with enhanced details. Why Leonardo AI, you ask? Well, its unique features not only facilitate the generation of these models but also enrich your experiencing while doing so. It’s time to immerse in an exciting journey of virtual animal creation with Leonardo AI, and trust us, it’s as real as it gets!

5. Grand Sci-Fi Spaceship

Imagine a large-scale, intricate spaceship traversing the vast expanses of a nebula, invoking a sense of awe and wonder. Think carefully about the details. What colors dominate this scene? What emotions does this account evoke? This additional information will help guide the AI to produce the most precise and descriptive outcome.

This prompt invites users to craft an intricate and lifelike 3D model of a city of the future. Visualize skyscrapers that reach into the heavens, varieties of aircraft that traverse the skies, and luminous neon lights of diverse hues. Every element in this cityscape warrants a detailed analysis. The height of the skyscrapers, the make and model of the flying vehicles, and the color spectrum of the neon lights are all components you can customize. Envision skyscrapers altering their height, selecting from a fleet of flying vehicles, and tuning the neon hues to your preference. To offer further guidance, it would be beneficial to feature an example of how a ‘futuristic cityscape’ prompt might look in practice. This same idea could also be applied to additional prompts, such as ‘underwater environment’ and ‘cyberpunk cityscape’ that are mentioned in our project. To harness the full potential of Leonardo AI, you must delve into the specifics, invoking your exclusive creativity.

6. “The World of Industrial Machinery in a Manufacturing Factory”

Envision an expansive manufacturing factory bustling with hefty metal machinery. This gargantuan equipment, made of cold, unyielding steel, operates in perfect unison, their intricate parts gliding in a harmonious symphony. Reflect upon the striking interplay of luminescence and obscurity in an industrial setup – the bright glare of fluorescent lamps reflecting off gleaming metal surfaces, juxtaposed with the dark, oil-soaked corners.

The appearance of our machineries aims for the meticulously detailed representation seen in technical drafting, or perhaps the gritty, exaggerated contrasts found in vintage industrial photography. Perhaps you’d like to see elements of aged metals showing signs of oxidation, or surfaces so clean they sparkle, or even additional components like plumes of steam or factory workers to increase the sense of authenticity. A model artist or a renowned artwork deliberating on industrial themes might be a good source of inspiration, presenting users with a concrete benchmark.

Using inventive, elaborate and comprehensive prompts will undoubtedly boost the quality and impact of the simulated images.

This interactive feature is designed to generate a vivid 3D model of various industrial machinery, encompassing devices like cranes and bulldozers. Users have the freedom to manipulate details and select from a plethora of materials to construct a lifelike and precise virtual prototype. To optimize this tool, users are encouraged to incorporate certain artistic styles or techniques. For instance, specific keywords can enhance the realism of the generated image. Additionally, factors like lighting can be adjusted to further refine the visual quality of the model, leading to a more authentic representation of an industrial machine.

7. Crafting a Lifelike Humanoid

In creating a lifelike humanoid, it’s essential to define specifics pertinent to the content. Picture the figure’s age, attire, postures, and feelings which contribute to their realism. Additionally, lay out details on lighting and style, referencing popular artists known for their humanoid creations. This will guide your audience to a visually stunning and realistic portrayal of a humanoid. Leonardo AI settings can be used to ensure the artwork is imbued with necessary detail and originality, reflecting the standard set for Leonardo AI prompts.

The given prompt is a powerful tool for developing a thoroughly detailed 3-dimensional representation of a humanoid, with the potential to emulate robots or cyborgs realistically. It can be attuned to incorporate precise characteristics and fine details, creating an illustration of a humanoid that is uncannily life-like.

While the system intuitively allows for such customization, guidance on how to shape specific features for a more compelling image could enhance the result. For instance, users might opt to design a formidable cyborg with menacing aspects or perhaps a softer, more benign robot.

A practical example might be specifying ‘a near-human cyborg under soft lighting,’ which could yield a particularly convincing result. Patience and careful attention to detail are essential in this process, as such slight modifications can significantly enhance the resultant AI-generated humanoid models.

Ultimately, whether you’re modeling a robot with gentle features or a menacing cyborg, the power of creativity and detail-oriented customization is key to achieve striking, realistic humanoid designs with this unique 3D prompt.

8. “Medieval Castle”: Envision a historical fortress, nestled on a hilltop, encircled by a moat. This medieval castle’s walls of stone bear the stories and scars of time. Delve into the intricate details like the battlements, towers, drawbridges, and even the specific stone structure. Picture the lighting to project a medieval atmosphere – perhaps the fading light of twilight or the icy chill of a severe winter, adding an ethereal allure to the scene. Play around with color schemes that reflect the solemnity of the Middle Ages, enhancing the realness of the image. Unleash your creativity drawing insights from renowned artists like John Howe or the architectural styles evident in historical landmarks. This rich description gives you a clear guideline on how to effectively use the “Medieval Castle” prompt to craft a lifelike 3D image with Leonardo AI, in line with the article’s overall objective.

This prompt enables the generation of an intricate and lifelike 3D model of a medieval castle, adorned with aspects like walls, towers, and a moat. For those desiring a more customized design, additional details such as ramparts, drawbridges, and even color-accurate stones can be incorporated. The customization process could also extend to features like the castle’s interior and the outer landscape, changing it dramatically based on personal preferences.

To enhance the realism and aesthetics of your castle, understanding the use of keywords, the impact of various artistic styles, and the manipulation of light and shadows is essential. For instance, to create a more gothic aura for your castle, phrases like ‘dark’, ‘brooding’, and ‘turrets’ could be used. Adding unique elements, like flying buttresses or hidden passages, into your castle’s design could make it more unique and creative.

It’s important to remember that patience is fundamental during this design process. Experimenting with different prompt settings may need time, but it will eventually lead to the accomplishment of the desired effects. The tips provided are geared towards helping users explore and push the limits of their design capabilities using the Leonardo AI system.

9. “Delving Into the Depths: Create Your Own Underwater Environment”

Utilizing this tool, you can induce the formation of an authentic 3D underwater landscape. Arm yourself with an arsenal of coral reefs, aqua fauna, and remnants of sunken ships. Customizing your creation is at your fingertips where you can ornate it with your preferred ingredients for heightened realism. Let’s delve deeper.

Accentuate your underwater scene using particular keywords, delicate artistic techniques, and innovative lighting specifics. Enhance your marine life, create lifelike coral terrain, and strategically place shipwrecks for an evocative atmosphere.

Play around the potential of Leonardo AI. Ensure you define limits to your creativity while also experimenting to unveil the multitude of possibilities. This combination will truly help you maximize the capabilities and output of this innovative platform.

10. “Cyberpunk City: An In-depth Look”

Instead of merely stating the title, let’s dive into the intricacies of what paints the vivid canvas of a Cyberpunk City. When it comes to visualizing this style, think about the myriad elements that come into play: from high-tech futuristic elements to low-life aspects that define the genre. Picture a metropolis bathed in neon lights, shrouded in a haze of mystery.

To bring the Cyberpunk City to life, we can mirror cinematic techniques of classics like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell. Experiment with the play of light and shadow, the nuances of cool and warm hues, and the fusion of organic and metallic textures. By weaving these strands together, we can capture the soul of a Cyberpunk City.

For the best results from Leonardo AI, remember to provide a rich, creative, and detailed description. The depth and quality of your input guide the kind of output you’ll receive. So let’s push the boundaries of what a Cyberpunk City means to you and see where your creativity takes us!

With this unique prompt, users have the opportunity to conceive an intricately detailed 3D model of a cyberpunk metropolis. This includes the construction of skyscraping, neon-lit edifices and the incorporation of avant-garde technology – imagine autonomous flying vehicles or sophisticated robotic entities. Users are also encouraged to customize their city views, adhering closely to the iconic cyberpunk aesthetic. This may include utilizing color palettes synonymous with this genre, such as bold neon hues contrasted against deep, shadowy tones. Users may also experiment with varying lighting options to evoke the grit and glimmer associated with this style, echoing the stark contrast between glaring neon billboards and profound darkness. We also encourage user exploration of renowned artists known for cyberpunk-inspired works to add a classic yet innovative touch to their creation. Lastly, users should exercise patience in the detailing process. The more detailed the elements, the more life-like the final generated imagery. So, dive in and create your dream cyberpunk cityscape.

Dive into unique design ideas with our illustrated prompts as your initial guide. Check out captivating challenges like the “underwater world” or “futuristic cityscape” prompts that have successfully led to diverse, captivating 3D designs. Jumpstart your creative exploration by experiencing the limitlessness of 3D design possibilities.

You can make incredibly detailed AI images by using these best Leonardo AI prompts. These Leonardo AI 3D realistic prompts can assist you in creating stunning AI photos.

Watch This for Leonardo AI PhotoReal Prompts


In conclusion, with Leonardo AI’s exemplary capabilities, making use of the in-depth prompts discussed throughout this article allows you an opportunity to create awe-inspiring illustrations. For instance, let’s recall a few of our key 3D realistic Leonardo AI prompts such as XYZ and ABC. These prompts not only help you envision your ideas but also arm you with the artistic power you need.

Additionally, this piece has highlighted a range of strategies, tips, and insights into transforming each prompt into a piece of art. From techniques to enhance realism to the art of writing effective prompts, we’ve covered it all, helping you in your journey to command the AI’s creative capabilities.

Moreover, this article serves as an empowering tool, particularly for those striving to shape breathtaking AI-powered art with Leonardo. Whether you’re a novice, a hobbyist, or an experienced professional designer, the comprehensive guide and the prompts provided are aimed at equipping you to tap into and maximize the limitless potential of the tool.

Hence, we believe that everyone, irrespective of their level of expertise, can immensely benefit from the nuggets of knowledge shared here. So go ahead, harness these useful tips and strategies and let your creativity unfurl with Leonardo AI.

Let’s not forget, consistency is key in the artistry of image generation. By utilizing our well-chosen prompt samples, like the intriguing “futuristic cityscape”, the captivating “underwater environment”, or the distinct “cyberpunk city”, and venturing with innovative concepts, you can surely become adept in engineering prompts. Furthermore, the incorporation of detailed modifiers such as style, lighting, and resolution intensifies the quality of your work. Also, keep in mind the privilege that Leonardo AI provides – complete ownership of your generated images. This is a unique advantage that reinforces your creative rights. With these points in mind, your journey to creating your first enchanting masterpiece begins here. We extend our heartfelt wishes for you to produce stunning visuals that will leave an enduring mark.


  • How do you write a good prompt for Leonardo AI?

    Creating a compelling prompt for Leonardo AI involves more than a simple instruction. It is crucial to integrate complexity, creativity, and patience. Considerations should include aspects like style, illumination, and clarity, not to mention encouraging oneself to explore varying types of scenes – from landscapes to portraits to futuristic settings. This not only yields striking, authentic 3D imagery but also truly enhances the content’s pertinence and depth.

    Specificity with Leonardo AI: When using Leonardo AI, sure to clearly define your desired output such as realistic scenery, abstract portrait, etc.
    Artistic Specification: With Leonardo AI, be specific about art styles, color palettes, and various elements you’re interested in.
    Describe with Emotion: Use specific moods and emotions to guide the AI to create art that resonates.
    Guiding Leonardo with Examples: Use real-world art references or sources when instructing Leonardo, such as, ‘Generate an image reflecting Monet’s Impressionist style.’
    Creative Control: Specify certain constraints to maintain control over AI’s creativity.
    Creative Thinking with Leonardo AI: Encourage innovative outputs from Leonardo AI. Let it surprise you.
    Realigning the AI: Revise the prompts as needed to improve results.
    Embrace the Process: Creating art with AI can be an experimental journey. Remain patient and enjoy the creative process.

  • Is Leonardo AI copyright free?

    Through the use of Leonardo AI, you have the power to generate your own unique, copyright-free pieces of AI art. Not only do you gain exclusive rights to these masterpiece, but you also get the freedom to commercially benefit from your own artwork. Leonardo AI’s platform paves the way for endless creativity, empowering you to transform curated prompts into realistic and high-quality 3D images that can shake the world at its very roots. Dive into the world of AI, and walk away owning a masterpiece that’s entirely yours.

  • What is the best prompt generator for AI?

    When it comes to generating 3D art prompts, the Leonardo AI stands out amidst platforms such as GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Leonardo AI’s unique features and benefits distinctly empower it to outperform these platforms in art generation. Not only does it offer comprehensive customization options, but it also ensures full image ownership and open avenues for commercial use. The specifics of choosing a robust Leonardo AI prompt hinge upon several factors. Keywords, artistic styles, and lighting are just a few elements to consider when creating the ideal prompt. It’s also essential to approach Leonardo AI prompts with creativity, attention to detail, and patience. Ultimately, your success with Leonardo AI corresponds with your understanding of its intricate features and its effective utilization.

  • What is the best text prompt to image AI?

    The optimal text prompt for generating AI images depends on your creative vision. To begin, describe your desired image in detail, including style, colors, and elements. For example, “Generate a vibrant sunset cityscape with golden hues and towering skyscrapers reflecting in calm waters.” Being specific and imaginative in your prompts often leads to the best AI-generated images.

  • What is the difference between Leonardo AI and Midjourney?

    Midjourney converts text prompts into images within Discord, possibly requiring payment. Leonardo AI is a comprehensive art generator, offering various styles and direct interaction for creating diverse, high-quality images.

  • Can I sell Leonardo AI images?

    With Leonardo AI, not only can you generate captivating images, but you also have the ability to sell them. The images produced are your intellectual property, which you’re allowed to distribute and even use commercially. But there’s more to it than simply selling; you should be aware of how to effectively monetize your creations and understand any potential legal implications involved. One worthwhile approach would be to take advantage of popular trends or high-demand areas in the digital art market. Crafting prompts for Leonardo AI that align with such market preferences can enhance the marketability of your images. In doing so, you increase the chances of producing images you can profitably sell, creating a harmonious flow with the rest of this comprehensive guide.

  • How to join Leonardo AI?

    Visit app.leonardo.ai and sign up using your email.
    On the login page of app.leonardo.ai, select “Log in with Google.”
    Congratulations, you now have successfully logged in to Leonardo.ai. Begin exploring and turning your imagination into images.

  • What is the daily limit for Leonardo AI?

    The free version of Leonardo AI allows users a daily allotment of 150 tokens. Every token has the power to produce one image, letting users steep themselves in a diverse array of prompts provided here. Whether it’s a scene from a far-off fantasy, a realistic portrait, or a peek into a futuristic world, you have the opportunity to generate up to 150 distinct images each day. To fully maximize the use of your tokens, we recommend leaning on our guidance on how to optimize prompts using specific keywords, preferred artistic styles and optimal lighting conditions. By holding steadfast to detail, sprinkling creativity and exercising patience, you have the potential to drastically improve the quality and realism of the images you generate.

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