Best Canva Apps You Need to Try in 2024

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Hello and welcome to another new article. Today, in this article, we’ll discuss some Canva apps that will pique your interest and enhance your experience in Canva. Some apps are AI-powered, while others are simple Canva apps. However, each app mentioned in this list will be highly beneficial for you. So, let’s move on to the next section and explore the list of these Canva apps.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Canva Apps in 2024
    1. Animeify
    2. Image Upscaler
    3. Dalle
    4. Hey Gen Ai avatars
    5. Sketch to Life
    6. Colorize
    7. Paintify
  2. Conclusion

Best Canva Apps in 2024


Animeify is a Canva app that converts your images into anime-style art. If you’re a fan of anime or enjoy the anime image art style, this Canva app provides you with a convenient way to convert any of your images into anime. If you’re an anime fan, be sure to give this app a try in Canva.

Image Upscaler

Sometimes, the quality of our clicked images isn’t quite right—they may be pixelated or blurry. If you face this issue too, there’s an app in Canva that can help. Its purpose is to convert your blurry or pixelated low-quality images into high-quality ones. So, if you’re troubled by low-quality images, make sure to try out this Canva app at least once.


Dalle created by OpenAI is an AI image generator that takes prompts we provide as input and gives us images as output. If you also want to create cool AI-generated images, you can use it for free in Canva.

Hey Gen Ai avatars

Hey Gen is a Canva app that serves as an AI avatar generator. It transforms given scripts into speaking videos using customizable AI avatars. Hey Gen provides a very simple interface, making it easy to use. Firstly, you have the option to choose an AI avatar or use any photo as an avatar. Then, you can select the view to decide how it appears. After that, you have the option to input the script for the video you want to create. Finally, you can choose the audio. If you’re enthusiastic about AI and want to create AI videos, be sure to try out this app in Canva.

Sketch to Life

As the name suggests, Sketch to Life is an app used in Canva to turn sketches into realistic images. If you’re a sketch lover and want to make your sketches realistic, you can use this Canva app. It transforms sketches into a very lifelike manner, catering to both sketch artists and any sketch enthusiast.


Colorize is Canva’s very simple yet highly useful app designed for artists who have old black-and-white or grayscale pictures and wish to view or transform them into colorful images. With this app, you can input a black-and-white image and receive its colorized version as output.


Paintify is a Canva app that transforms your images into paintings. This app is very useful for those who want to enhance their vision because it turns any type of image into a painting, providing artists with new ideas for paintings and improving their artistic skills. If a user wants to see how their images would look like as paintings, they can use this Canva app.


In conclusion, I simply want to emphasize that these Canva apps are incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to create or experiment with something amazing in Canva. Each app listed here caters to different fields, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. So, go ahead, use these apps, and let us know about your experience.

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