How to Access and Use OpenAI’s Sora AI Video Generator

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OpenAI has just announced its Sora AI Video Generator, and its features are very astounding. And I’m here to explain to you how to use and access this effective tool. The Sora AI interface, early access methods, the distinctions between the free and premium versions, and a quick rundown of how to monetize Sora AI content will all be covered in this post.

The Sora AI Interface

We may anticipate that Sora AI‘s interface will resemble that of previous AI video generators, even though it is not yet publicly accessible. Aside from selecting from a range of video styles, such as realistic, anime, and 3D animation, users can also insert their own prompts and choose between text and picture prompts. Furthermore, users can choose the video’s aspect ratio, which could vary from 9:16 on social media or 16:9 on YouTube.

Getting Early Access to Sora AI

To increase your chances of getting early access to Sora AI, consider becoming a ChatGPT Plus user. OpenAI will likely roll out Sora progressively, starting with certain countries and user categories, such as ChatGPT Plus subscribers. As a U.S.-based company, OpenAI may prioritize access for users in the United States before expanding to other countries.

Free vs. Paid Sora AI Subscriptions

Drawing from the roadmap of ChatGPT, Sora will likely start with a free version to attract a large user base quickly. The free version may have limitations on the number of daily uses and the length of generated videos. Later, OpenAI will probably introduce a subscription-based model, Sora Plus, which will offer more power, faster generations, longer videos, and more daily prompts.

Making Money with Sora AI

Sora has the capability to completely change the video stuff generated by AI. Your Sora creations may be made profitable in several ways, from a passive approach to active approaches. Making AI films and selling them to companies that offer stock footage is one approach. Another strategy is to utilize produced films to direct users from social media networks to affiliate items, which allows you to get paid.


OpenAI’s Sora is an exciting development in the world of AI content creation. By understanding the interface, securing early access, choosing the right subscription plan, and exploring monetization strategies, you can position yourself to make the most of this powerful tool. Stay tuned for more updates on Sora’s public release, and subscribe to our channel for the latest AI news and insights.

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